Tummers is mainly specialized in the potato processing industry. All machines which are developed and manufactured by us are applicable on potato processing.
We develop machines for processing dirty, clean, peeled and cut potatoes and machines for the processing of puree, flakes or powder. So when it comes to processing potatoes, we can provide a solution for you!

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Machines suitable for Potatoes

Destoning of potatoes and tubers. This cyclone action of the drum causes heavier parts ....

Clods, earth and stones are separated from potatoes and tubers through application of the ....

Industrial combination machine in stainless steel for stoning and washing of potatoes and tubers. ....

Clods, earth and stones are separated from potatoes and tubers through application of the ....

Coated steel combination machine for destoning and washing potatoes and tubers. Optionally the machine ....

Industrial stainless steel drum washer for washing potatoes and tubers. Optionally, floating parts (e.g. ....

Stainless steel dry washing unit for washing and semi-dry washing of potatoes and tubers. ....

Specially designed drum washing unit for the agricultural sector for washing potatoes and tubers. ....
This compact machine separates stones, lumps of earth and sand from your product. An internal ....

The industrial stainless steel Washing Screw by Tummers Food Processing Solutions is used to ....

This innovative stainless steel Peel Remover is used for ....

Industrial stainless steel brush, cleaning and/or peeling machine for potatoes and tubers. The machine ....

Industrial stainless steel polisher for potatoes and tubers such as celery and carrots. The ....

Stainless steel washing unit and rinsing machine for potatoes and tubers that are difficult ....

A polisher for potatoes and tubers, e.g. salary and carrots, for the agricultural industry. ....

The industrial designed stainless steel Sliver Remover is used for removing thinly sliced French ....

Industrial stainless steel machine for custom sorting of potatoes and tubers. The machine is ....

Industrial stainless steel machine for removing soil from potatoes and tubers. This machine is ....

Tummers Food Processing Solutions Pintle belt feature special studs that are used to separate ....

Industrial stainless steel switchbox for changing cutting blocks, without interrupting production. Operated through a ....

The patented Tummers Food Processing Solutions Aligner for cutting potatoes and tubers can be built ....

Cutting blocks by Tummers Food Processing Solutions are known for their perfect cut quality ....

The stainless steel slice cutter by Tummers Food Processing Solutions is ideal for cutting ....

Compact unit for cutting and de-coring many types of fruit and vegetables under water ....

The low maintenance, stainless steel Tummers dewatering drum is designed for the separation of ....

The Industrial stainless steel Tummers Food Processing Solutions floating parts remover is produced for ....

The Tummers Food Processing Solutions Floating Parts Remover agro is produced for the agricultural ....

The Tummers Food Processing Solutions stainless steel Clay bath is based on checking the uplift ....

After thorough rinsing with water excess moisture must be removed from the potatoes or ....

Tummers Food Processing Solutions Fresh produce pumps are used for pumping potatoes and tubers ....
Flake Line
Washing Line
Peeling Line
Hydro cutting line
Drum Dryer
Additives Station
Powder Mill
Pulverising mill unit
Flake packing
Destoner agro
Destoner/Washer unit
Destoner/Washer unit agro
Cyclone destoner
Combination destoner/washer KW
Destoner/Washer unit agro
Drum washer
Drum Washer agro
Washing screw
Dry washer/After washer
ZZ Dry Peel Remover/ZicZac Brusher
Horizontal Brushing Machine/U-brusher
Drum Polisher
Drum Polisher agro
Brush washer
Dry soil remover
Pintle belt
Continuous Sorter
Sliver Remover
Cutting Blocks
Hydro cutting skid
Knife grinder
Slice Cutter
De-watering drum OTZ
De-watering conveyor belt
Sieve bend/Parabolic Screen
Bar strainer/Rod Sieve
Clay bath
Brine separator
Floating parts remover
Floating parts remover agro
Roller dryer
Air transport
Flake transport
Flake storage bunker
Box tipper
Conveyor screws
Conveyor belts
Dosing hopper for potatoes
Storage/Dosing bunker
Inspection conveyor belt
Lobe pump
Fresh produce pump
Balance tank
Sugar beets
Sweet potatoes
Green beans
Silver onions
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